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Susan Blough

Finance and Compliance Director

Susan Blough joined NCDMM in 2021 as a Director, Finance and Compliance. She brings 30 years of comprehensive experience in government contracting with revenues ranging from $30M to $220M. Her expertise includes FAR 15 format proposal development and negotiations, budgeting and sales forecasting, rate development, billing, and “cradle to grave” government contracts and administration knowledge. Susan’s compliance knowledge in FAR/DFAR supported successful audits with DCAA, DCMA, and various customers, which included Truth in Negotiation, Accounting System, Labor Floor Check, Estimating System, Direct and Indirect Rates, and proposal supporting documentation for negotiation efforts.  During her time at NCDMM she has been engaged in several successful proposal efforts, been involved in process improvement and documentation, and reviewed compliance to further streamline efforts.

Susan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Geneva College and a Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting from George Washington University.  She has attended numerous trainings, seminars and webinars to remain current on trends in government contracting. Through this acquired experience and knowledge, Susan strives to mentor others to better themselves and the organization. She has been an active member of the Greater Johnstown National Contract Management Association (NCMA) since 1994 and was the Membership Chair for several years.

Before joining NCDMM, Susan worked for several large and small companies both in manufacturing and research and development holding various positions such as Manager, FP&A, Finance Manager, Senior Cost and Price and Contracts Analyst, Contracts Administrator, Business Development Coordinator, Business and Financial Analyst, and Billing Specialist. The companies included Collins Aerospace, Martin-Baker America, Inc., DRS Laurel Technologies, and Concurrent Technologies Corporation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]