Trust. Collaboration. Results.

2023 Marked 20 Years
of Collaboration

For the past two decades, the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has been on a mission to ensure the U.S. warfighter always has a superior advantage. In 2023, NCDMM celebrated its 20th anniversary and took time to reflect on its journey from past to present.


NCDMM has extensive knowledge and depth in manufacturing areas—both commercial and defense—to deliver innovative and unbiased solutions.


Collaboration is the key to our success. We leverage our diverse and world-class Alliance Partner network, along with industry contacts, to make connections that solve our customers’ challenges.


Our years of experience in manufacturing makes us uniquely qualified to manage your portfolio, programs, or standalone projects and achieve successful results.

Ensuring the U.S. Warfighter Always has a Superior Advantage

Founded in 2003, NCDMM remains committed to revitalizing and delivering innovative collaborative solutions for our nation’s manufacturing industry. We have continued to expand our reach while assembling an extraordinary team of conveners and problem solvers who have built trust and fostered collaboration.

NCDMM has celebrated several major milestones, projects, and programs throughout the years and has adapted – and even transformed its services to affect the advanced manufacturing industry. Since its inception, NCDMM has steadily grown, hiring new employees, opening additional offices, and gaining government contracts that began in 2005 with a $24M Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) award from the U.S. Army to a $69M IDIQ award in 2021. Read more about our history.

NCDMM is poised to continue its trajectory of growth over the next 20 years, ensuring that our nation remains the leader in worldwide manufacturing innovation and that the U.S. warfighter always has a superior advantage. Our country depends on it.