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Laurie Wittkugle

America Makes Membership Coordinator

Laurie Wittkugle joined America Makes in 2020 as Membership Coordinator. Laurie works under the leadership of Membership Director Tiffany Westbay to connect with members, process membership requests and renewals, and track membership payments.

Laurie has previous experience with the application of additive manufacturing. Prior to joining the America Makes team, she worked at Youngstown State University for nearly 15 years in varying capacities. During her time at YSU’s STEM College she initiated a project for her then dog, Shelby, who became the focus of a senior research project. A group of engineering students worked with Laurie and Shelby to design and create a 3D printed supportive leg brace to help Shelby walk with her disabilities. Watch a Video of Shelby

Laurie’s current canine companion, Reba, is a certified therapy dog.  Laurie and Reba enjoy visiting and lifting the spirits of people of all ages including seniors, college students, autistic children and all the mail carriers in the neighborhood!