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Jim Williams

President, ResoluteX50, Inc. dba All Points Additive

Mr. Jim Williams is currently the President of ResoluteX50, Inc. dba All Points Additive. He previously served as President and CEO of Paramount Industries, Inc. until April 2012, at which time Paramount was acquired by 3D Systems Corporation. Mr. Williams continued to provide leadership at 3D Systems as the VP Aerospace & Defense, AM R&D, Program/Business Development until May 2015, when he retired from the company. As a veteran of nearly 50 years in the product development industry, he directed all facets of Paramount’s diversified product design and manufacturing operations. Attesting to its leadership in product quality, as well as innovative applications of technology, Paramount was one of a select few companies honored as a recipient of Raytheon’s Suppliers Excellence Award for three consecutive years. The award recognizes outstanding performance in quality, on-time delivery and continual improvement.