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Jeff Verkleeren

Senior Project Engineer

Jeff joined NCDMM in 2023 as a Senior Project Engineer, and brings 23 years of technical experience in design, manufacturing, and product development of complex, high-reliability products. In his role, he is responsible for project management including engineering design, process coordination, execution of all project activities, and technical analysis.

Prior to joining NCDMM, he worked as a lead product engineer for Curtiss Wright-EMD on critical Navy products and was responsible for collaborating with cross-functional teams, compliance with program technical requirements, and delivering product improvements. Jeff supported the design and construction of the latest generator and pump technologies for aircraft carriers, submarines, and commercial nuclear power plants, along with design and production efforts for Nimitz and Bush Class carriers including ship upgrades and electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS). For next generation development, he led mechanical studies for advanced cooling arrangements, coil configurations, magnet arrangements, and weight reduction methods for improved power density and space utilization.

Before this, he worked as mechanical development engineer at Progeny Systems focusing on Mark 54 lightweight torpedo components, ruggedization of electronics, and specialized sonar test equipment.

Jeff earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.