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Gino Spinos

Manufacturing Engineering Director

Gino Spinos joined NCDMM in 2019 as the Director of Manufacturing Engineering.  In this role, Gino manages manufacturing, technology and roadmapping programs, while maintaining and developing customer relationships.  Additionally, he oversees the NCDMM Chambersburg, Pennsylvania office, located adjacent to the Letterkenny Army Depot and Letterkenny Munitions Center.

Gino brings nearly 25 years of technology, process and manufacturing experience from industry and military perspectives.  For almost two decades Gino has focused to enhance Department of Defense capability, improve sustainability, compliance, efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs and transition advanced and next generation technologies to best support the Warfighter.

Gino holds a B.S in Environmental Science from California University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Francis University.  He is continuing his education by pursuing a Master of Human Resource Management degree.