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Brandon Ribic

America Makes Technology Director

Brandon Ribic, Ph.D., joined NCDMM in October 2019 as the America Makes Technology Director. He brings nearly 15 years of materials processing and manufacturing experience to the organization covering a variety of applications including railroad, oil, energy, aerospace, and defense.

Prior to joining NCDMM, Brandon was a joining processes and additive manufacturing materials specialist at Rolls-Royce Corporation. His key contributions were concentrated in additive manufacturing of nickel superalloys for OEM and repair applications. In addition, Brandon led Rolls-Royce Corporation’s externally funded additive manufacturing research endeavors. His experience offered collaboration with companies across all tiers of the defense aerospace supply chain as well as non-profit, small business, and academic partners. His research is well recognized within Rolls-Royce and the highest levels of the DoD.

Brandon obtained his bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. His doctoral thesis focused on the numerical modeling of fusion welding processes which has proved very useful to his endeavors in the development and qualification of laser metal additive manufacturing processes. After completing his graduate research in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory, Brandon’s professional career began at McConway and Torley in Kutztown, PA. Brandon was fortunate to serve in a number of roles which afforded him the opportunity to contribute to product quality, customer relationships, workforce and facilities development, and production goals. His professional experiences continue to shape his approaches to solving difficult challenges while working with both small and large teams across a variety of experience levels and skill sets.

Dr. Ribic has served as a member, co-chair, and chair of America Makes and the American Welding Society. He has published in various journals including the Journal of Applied Physics, International Materials Reviews, and Nature Materials. In addition, he has numerous patents granted and pending on the topics of additive manufacturing and laser materials processing.