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Jim Fisher

Jim Fisher

Executive Director, Advanced Manufacturing

Jim joined NCDMM in 2011 and currently serves as the Executive Director, Advanced Manufacturing. Prior to this role he was Director of Operations managing programs, providing strategic oversight, and driving process standardization to NCDMM operations.

Throughout his 20+ year career, Jim’s focus has been on leading and furthering applied research programs and managing teams to address manufacturing-related issues. He was awarded a letter of commendation from the Office of Naval Research for advancing manufacturing enhancements to a military vehicle. Jim also led a team that developed an Aiming Device for EOD robots that received the 2011 Gold Edison Award for Best New Product of the Year. In addition, he received a U.S. Patent for a novel tool to perform variable penetration welding using the friction stir welding process.

Jim holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and a M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, both degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.