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Erin O’Donnell

Erin O'Donnell

America Makes Partnerships and Community Relations Director

As the Partnerships & Community Relations Director, Erin is tasked with maturing and strengthening strategic partnerships with local, state, and national government associates by liaising with the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), Department of Defense (DoD), National Labs, and critical America Makes partners to drive the advancement of additive manufacturing capabilities for U.S. manufacturing competitiveness and National security. Along with strategic partnerships, Erin is responsible for discovering and exploring opportunities to advance the adoption of 3D printing / additive manufacturing (AM) through the creation, cultivation, and management of America Makes Satellite Centers strategically positioned throughout the U.S. based on industry representation, individual Satellite Center proficiencies, and technology needs. Prior to Erin’s current role, she managed the $200M+ America Makes Research and Development portfolio, led project call facilitation, development and supervision of the internship program and, managed the Youngstown, OH facility.

Prior to joining NCDMM in August 2015, Erin worked for a software company that specialized in location awareness and asset management for the DoD. During this time, Erin supported the U.S. Military Forces, U.S. Allies, and Foreign Nations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Preceding Erin’s career overseas, Erin served as a U.S. Marine. She supported Operation Iraqi Freedom with a combat tour in Iraq. Her positions in the Marines included being the Unit Fiscal Chief and Operations Administrator.

Erin has over 15 years of experience of Managerial and Operations experience. She obtained a B.A. in Communication from Youngstown State University and brings a diversified background to the team and the fast-paced environment.