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V4 Institute

Founded by NCDMM, the V4I Institute is an industry led consortium collaborating with industry, academia, and government to deliver value driven computation modeling and simulation solutions for R&D of products and processes; to advance cross industry/industries innovation; to support the Manufacturing USA Network (including digital thread); and to increase the development and employment of a highly skilled STEM Workforce.

The value proposition for V4I includes the use of modeling and simulation to de-risk, reduce or change the nature of both development and regulatory required testing. V4I is interested in specifics of how testing may change to reduce time or cost for product realizations. This task includes test identification and prioritization of M&S activity to achieve the V4I value proposition and description of the anticipated benefit. The area of current interest is in highly regulated industries that require significant testing prior to release to the market.

Learn more about the V4 Institute and how to become a member by visiting V4I.us.