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Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

At NCDMM, we help manufacturers of all sizes increase operating efficiencies and decrease overhead costs by improving their use of energy, water, and production equipment and materials.

Our manufacturing process energy assessments focus on improving sustainable manufacturing technologies, streamlined lifecycle analysis, and resource management.

Typically, an assessment begins with us identifying potential significant energy users (SEUs) within the facility. Then we log, analyze, and baseline SEUs to deliver a preliminary report with our findings. Our next step is to develop a detailed report containing our recommendations for optimizing resource management. 

Through the implementation of our recommendations, typical net energy reductions can range up to 50%, and higher depending upon the specific process. NCDMM’s assessments and recommendations are in line with the ISO 50001 Standard Energy Management System (EnMS) standard and can be used to assist with achieving superior energy performance.

While NCDMM provides services that are similar to other vendors or suppliers, our assessments are unbiased and independent of specific solutions. We provide independent third-party services and provide insight into industry best practices through our collaboration efforts with our partners.

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