Education & Workforce Development (EWD) Coordinator

Education & Workforce Development (EWD) Coordinator

Position Type: Full-Time

Location: Hybrid – Murrysville, PA

Position Summary
An Education and Workforce Development (EWD) Coordinator is a crucial function across the entire EWD team at NCDMM. This dynamic role will include various parts and aspects in supporting the entire EWD portfolio. In this role, the coordinator will assist with functions such as convenings, workshops, document generation, reporting, grant writing, metrics and data collection, compilation of success stories, and task tracking. The coordinator will also assist in projects with tasks such as tracking reporting, invoicing, purchase and procurement processes, project kick-offs and closeouts, and opportunities to execute full-scale projects.

A successful EWD Coordinator will also help partners across all AMNation to onboard and access best practice platforms and programming.  his role will be engaged across the entire EWD team but will work closely with the EWD Director and EWD Senior Project Engineer.

Essential Functions

  • Work collaboratively with the EWD Senior Project Engineer and EWD Director to plan convenings, events, and workshops.
  • Track tasks within the portfolio, including reporting, invoicing, purchase and procurement processes, and metrics/data collection.
  • Assist in grant writing and reporting processes, ensuring compliance checks.
  • Facilitate the onboarding of new members of AMNation through the AMNation Pipeline Portal.

Required Education and Experience

  • Associate degree or equivalent experience required in additive manufacturing, automation, robotics, or engineering technology or
  • Associate degree or equivalent experience in business or education
  • Solid working understanding of Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and CRM).
  • Proficiency in document consolidation software for efficient reporting.
  • Strong communication skills (both in-person and virtual), administrative writing, and organizational abilities.
  • Grant writing and reporting experience preferred.

If you have any questions please contact Diane Chesnutwood, Human Resources Director, at

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