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Ralph Resnick

Ralph Resnick, NCDMM President & Executive Director

President and Executive Director, NCDMM and Founding Director, America Makes – National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute

Ralph Resnick is widely known throughout the manufacturing industry as a visionary. With Ralph at the helm of NCDMM, our staff, customers, and partners benefit from the unique point of view afforded by his 30+ years of experience. Today, he continues to guide and drive collaborative and advanced manufacturing solutions industry-wide.

Ralph became NCDMM’s third President and Executive Director in May 2011 after serving three years as our Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Director Corporate Development.

His keen understanding of the potential of public-private partnerships proved invaluable as Ralph led NCDMM to win the competitive contract in 2012 to establish America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, the pilot institute for Manufacturing USA, the National Network of Manufacturing Innovation. Upon award, he also assumed the role of Acting Director of the Institute until February 2013 upon appointing a new director.

Prior to joining NCDMM, Ralph served as Chief Technology Officer for both The ExOne Company and Extrude Hone Corporation where he was a major contributor in establishing both organizations as leaders in advanced manufacturing, including such areas as additive manufacturing, process research, and technology transition to the world’s factory floors.

Ralph is a Fellow of SME and the Chairman of SME’s International Awards and Recognition Committee. He serves on numerous national and local Boards.